5th December 2016 – TIE new ideas

As lots of the members of the group were absent due to auditions and such Leah and Harry decided to work on Leah’s character voices as well as writing the opening news report that we will hear over the radio. They decided that as the character of Granny Leah would use her own voice and perhaps tweak this slightly to show the age of the character, and when she is playing Mrs Gollysmith she will use an Irish Accent. Hopefully this will help Leah differentiate the two characters in her head which will help prompt further characterisation choices as the process goes on and she feels more comfortable with the two – as well as making it easier for the children to understand the concept of the same person playing two separate characters.

Below is the first draft of the News Broadcast voice over:


Newscaster: Breaking News Live from Letteropolis! All over Shapetown, the townspeople have claimed that their family shapes have gone missing. The Evil Shape Collector is suspected and still at large. One Townsfolk has said “It is awful, for you see, my rectangle has been in my family since before I can remember. It is absolutely dreadful.” More on this story as it devel-

Isabella: This is boring! Let’s listen to something else Sherlock?

Sherlock: I agree Isabella, lets put some music on!


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