22nd Novemeber 2016

As I was trying to write a draft of the script and figure out how to imbed the maths I realised that the things we were trying or teach them were things they would already know at this point in the year and therefore we should probably figure out a way to build up the complexity of the learning objective – perhaps focusing more on 3D shapes and how the various 2D shapes make up the 3D shapes. For example the shape collector could be searching for a certain amount of special shapes so he can build the 3D versions of the shapes which will give him full power over the land. This was just an idea of mine and I am aware that I will need to run this by the group, but in my head it makes far more sense and after looking into Year 1 maths learning materials online and talking with my Mum (who works in Year 1 as a Teahing Assistant) I came to the conclusion that this would be a better level to pitch it at, as well as making the plot make more sense.

These are the notes we took as a group during the session:




Relevant Key Stage 1, Year 1 Maths Resources:






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