GSA Audition

On Saturday 19th November 2016 I attended my audition for the BA (hons) Acting course at Guildford School of Acting. The audition was made up of a workshop where we did lots of physical theatre and movement in the morning, followed by voice work and exercises to refresh our monologues and think about the thought process behind them, before performing our audition speeches.

I really enjoyed the movement part of the workshop and how I could just let go and explore how my body can move and also just free myself up and let go of all inhibitions and nerves I may have had at the audition, as well as allowing us to show how we can adapt to working as an ensemble with people we had never met. I think this was a really good way of singling out the people who were happy to just give it a go and were not worried about looking stupid or getting it wrong or right – the panel just wanted to see that we could move and use our body’s intuitively and freely, which I hope I did. I did find it difficult when paired with certain people in the group of auditionees as they were obviously not as comfortable at doing this and when doing group or partner work this acted as a barrier at times, however I tried to move past this and make the best out of the situation. Despite this, I was aware of not coming across like a too stronger influence in the group and like I was taking control and pushing my ideas, however to me it felt like the only option at times, but I had to refrain from doing this and shutting down the others ideas (even if I personally didn’t think they were showing any of us off) and simply went along with them! I made this decision as the panel had emphasised how they like team players and so I didn’t want to come across too over powering or unwilling to embrace other peoples ideas – however I do worry that this made me look weak or like I had no ideas for myself or that I couldn’t stand my ground. One example of an exercise we did was being set the challenge of ‘BEING A FIREWORK’ in small groups; we didn’t have any time to prepare this and so merely act on instinct, yet still find a way of making it an ensemble piece that worked as one. I felt I took the leading role in this and took the first step in taking action at becoming the explosion of fireworks, to which the others followed my lead on. I think I showed my willingness of letting go and being silly and having no inhibitions, as well as acting thoughtful and working as a group, and I hope this came across to the panel.

We then moved on to some focusing exercises where we had to close our eyes and then the tutor told us to choose one of our prepared monologues and to go through the thought process in our heads. He then got us to walk around the room stopping and changing direction when a new thought or idea was introduced in the monologue – once we had completed the exercise we had to reflect on what we felt it brought to the character and delivery of the text and whether it helped us make any discoveries about our character etc. I noticed that by starting and stopping and changing direction on each new thought it highlighted how disjointed the train of thoughts were for my character and the possibilities that could imply. Other people talked about how it made them change the pace of their walking subconsciously when reciting the monologue as the intensity of emotions made them walk faster and more powerfully. One thing we all agreed on is that by stopping before each new thought we were able to let the thought appear in our mind first before actually saying it aloud, which made it more naturalistic as the character has time for the thought to drop and then to think it and say it aloud. This was something the tutors wanted us to think about when performing our monologues as they wanted to see truth.

When we finally moved on to our monologue performances I was feeling quite relaxed and had really been enjoying myself, and so felt at ease performing in front of the panel and the other auditionees. I think the face the other auditionees stayed in the room when performing our speech was a really good idea as it reinforced the team effort feel and allowed us to be there as a support network. At first I feared this would be off putting or more intimidating, but in truth I felt it made it feel a lot less formal and more laid back (the layout of it really reminded me of audition class at ConEAST!). We were to get up in tun whenever we felt ready, I went second, and I feel my piece went reasonably okay but not as well as I know I have done it in the past. I performed my whole speech directed at the panel as this is how I usually do it and I feel it give the speech the most truth and intensity – although I am worried they will not have liked this as they were encouraging people to perform to the other candidates but I know my piece wouldn’t work like that so refrained from doing so! Regardless, I feel I did my best on the day and even if I don’t get a recall I feel like I gave it my best shot and enjoyed my day and got a lot out of the workshop.

We have been told that we will be informed of the outcome within 2-3 weeks via email.


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