10th November 2016 – TIE – Character Studies

Character Studies


We decided to do a character developing exercise to start us off so we could get a better understanding of who they are and what their purpose in the story is. This may seem strange to do when the characters are so far from ‘naturalistic’ but from what I have learnt recently is that no matter what the style or significance of the character in a piece it is always beneficial and crucial to know your character inside and out in order to portray it properly to an audience. This is an exercise some of us had done i the past when working on a complex and character driven play ‘A Flea In Her Ear’ as a way of externally visualising our character as a caricature and see the features of them and then try and become that and envision that when becoming the character. Josh used this strategy a great deal during the rehearsal process for ‘Flea’ and now uses it in most performances and so we all decided to do it as a way of us all getting a better understanding for each others characters as well as character development.








I also took it upon myself to post images, videos and fictional characters or real people who reminded me of the types of characters I had in mind when I first imagined the idea or ideas that had sparked during the process so far. As a performer I find that using inspiration from pre existing characters or people is a really useful technique to practice as it helps build an image in your mind when acting and building the background to the character but also allows you to watch the quirks, body language and voice type of the person and then use this for your own performance.

For Harry’s dog character I shared the following media as inspiration:




Daytona – Evil Sidekick 


Josh – The Evil Shape Collector


Leah – Granny 


2 thoughts on “10th November 2016 – TIE – Character Studies”

  1. Beth, this is very good work – just be aware that not all of the images are showing up on the webpage when I view it as Joe Public – make sure in the future that you upload all images to your personal WordPress media library and then download them to the page you want them on so that they can be viewed on any computer. Otherwise they can only be viewed on the computer they were created on.


    1. Okay, I didn’t realise that they would be unavailable to view. I have uploaded most of the photos as images to the WordPress library and then entered them into the posts, however it may be that it didn’t work for some reason? I’ll check this?


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