17th Novemeber 2016 – TIE Lesson

In today’s lesson we had a brief meeting where each of the groups discussed their progress so far and explained any changes or major updates to their concept. As some members of my group had been absent this week due to illness or auditions this was very useful and a good way of keeping us up to date. The main thing that came up in our meeting was the urgency of getting an outline of a script or outline of the plot on paper as soon as possible, to avoid falling into the trap of simply talking over and changing our concepts again and again. The other group (who’s piece is based on english and the joy of reading) actually made the decision to start reimagining their idea as they found too many flaws in their original concept. Admittingly this filled me with a little more confidence that my own group wasn’t asfar behind as I feared and that we are on track to producing a promising and well thought out piece of theatre.

Once we had split off into our groups again Leah filled us in on what her and Josh did in the lesson yesterday and informed us that the had discussed the staging and set. Generally the feedback we gave was really positive as it captured all our original ideas of using simplictic set and just canvas with drawings to indicate the setting (Shape collectors Lare/grandmas house), however she also proposed the idea of a lamppost which we turned down as we felt it was irrelevant and simply added clutter which we didn’t need!



Link to Facebook Live Stream video


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