Tuesday 20th September- Psychological Actions

This session with Erica focused on interpreting different sentences with different feelings, the aim was to learn about how a sentence can be acted through different ‘acting verbs’. Before the session started, we were asked to watch the video below where the actor must present the question “Would you like a cup of tea?”. The actor then acted out the line in different action verbs including: seductive, dominate and mystify.



We then carried out this exercise with the purpose being to act out the verb and make it clear to everyone else what it was, reaction time was also important. As we only had 60 seconds, we had to react quickly to the action to see how many we could do in that time. When it was my turn to take the challenge, the sentence I was given was “How old are you?” and some of the actions I got were: lecture, address and abuse. There were words that I had to skip as I did not know the meaning of them, one of them was ‘goad’, which I discovered meant trying to provoke someone. Overall, I found this challenge fun and I realised no matter how simple the sentence is, it will be possible to act them out in a range of different ways and will be able to distinguish the actions. It was also pressurising as others before me had managed to get through the challenge, completing many actions. It was more helpful having someone to act this sentence to because the sentence is asking someone a question. If I had done it out in air, I can’t create eye contact and see their reactions, which may change my methods.

After completing this exercise, we then got into pairs or threes and was each given two sheets, one was a scene and the other had a list of acting verbs. The aim was for us to act this scene out with a chosen verb. I was with Emma Croft and Leah Smith, each of us took turns to act the scenes out in pairs, the acting verb I chose to act out was ‘hush’. To do this, I spoke with a sharp, quiet and urgent tone, as if there was a situation where we had to stay quiet and hidden from something. This was different to Leah’s and Emma’s action, but I was able to stay in character and continue. Afterwards, no one else was able to guess my action verb so I have learned that I need to really push with that verb and over exaggerate it to make sure others knew. From watching other people, I need to improve on observing how they speak as I was not completely sure what their actions were even though when they told us, it was quite clear.

In conclusion, I was able to get up and complete the 60 second challenges, accepting the verbs I knew that definition of and reacting quickly to get through as many as possible. Erica also informed us that there was an app and a book of the exercise called ‘Actions-The Action Thesaurus’ which I will look at after the session.


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