Jazz and Tap 3rd October 2016

We started the day with our usual dance warm up, focusing on cardio and basic stretches to limber our bodies ready for our class. I was feeling particularly tired and stiff today – after an intense Body Balance class the day before, as well as the fact that I am still recovering from the aftermath of Shingles – so I was thankful that we were not worked too hard.I don’t think I realised how warn out I still was from the virus but as soon as we began moving I could definitely notice that I lacked energy and my limbs felt heavy and weighed down making each movement even more of an effort. Nevertheless, I was determined to still apply myself fully to the practical work but I made sure that I didn’t push my body further than it could physically go as I couldn’t risk injuring myself or prolonging my illness.

The technique part of the jazz lesson was focused on drilling our kicks and pirouette turns. As this is something we do most weeks, I feel I have a good understanding of what I should be doing and what the right technique is to achieve a successful kick or turn, and yet this week I just don’t think I had the focus to apply myself to this fully which resulted in me not performing to the best of my ability and lead to silly mistakes. For example, when doing the jazz pirouette exercise I got myself in such a muddle as to which foot to step back on and which arm to turn with, which is stupid as I know that I can normally do this, and in ballet classes and former jazz classes I have carried out double pirouettes comfortably! I think this just demonstrates how mental concentration is just as important as physical ability. I managed to do the kick sequence more successfully and even managed to add in the arm movements specific to each kick (front, back, side); admittedly, this sequence was a lot more straight forward and well practiced so it was inevitable that I would be able to perform it with more skill and precision. Having said this, my flexibility is holding me back., especially on my side kicks where my turn out and rotation at the hips is limiting the height of my legs.

We then continued to work on the routine for the summer dance show, which is centred around fear and nightmares. The week before we started learning the opening of a lyrical routine around this theme, however Sarah found a new piece of music that she wished to use and new ideas for chorography that fitted better. The new music was Evanescence’s ‘Bring me to Life’.


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I am an acting student at Conservatoire EAST, currently in my 2nd and final year on the Performing and Production Arts Acting pathway and in preparation for moving on to the next step of training and auditioning for accredited drama schools.

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