Ballet 7th September 2015

Ballet class progress tests





Flexibility has always been an area of dance that I have struggled with more than others, and is a big insecurity of mine. Although I have tried to work on it in the past, I always seem to injure myself or lose motivation when I fail to see results and simply came to the conclusion that my body refuses to work in that way. As mentioned before in previous self analysis’, there are many components that are likely to have contributed to my poor flexibility; including genetics and the fact that I trained in competitive long distance running from a very young age – which is known to shorten and tighten the hamstring muscle tendons. This weakness of mine has always held me back in dance classes in the past as I often assumed I would not be able to do certain movements well enough and I felt extremely embarrassed by my body’s inability. However, since exploring this further I have come to the realisation that while my body may have limited flexibility in certain areas, there are also areas of my body that are far more agile. Since discovering this I have been able to start to let go of these insecurities and move away from making comparisons to my peers who may appear to be far more flexible and able in this area.

By breaking down the body into different areas and measuring the flexibility of each individual muscle and joint (rather than focusing on the body as a whole) it helped us become much more in tune with what our bodies are capable of. In my case, it also helped me see that flexibility isn’t just determined by whether you can do the splits or not, or whether you can



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